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How exciting! We’ve got a Worthy of the Week guest blogger today. Make her feel welcome!

Oh hey! It’s Kristin from Mad Betty. What’s up? Are you guys stoked about the weather? For those of you not in Austin, you should know that we went from 104 degrees one day to 85 the next. Which means that everyone here shook off the heat oppression and went outside for the first time in months.

For me that meant I could take a break from latex mascara and use something with a normal dark black pigment. But latex, more commonly called tube mascara, is an absolute must in the heat. It won’t move, even if you sob through The Notebook in a rainstorm.

Lately I’ve been doing Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method. Her workouts promote a lean dancer’s body and tiny thighs and butt. {Note from Corrin: I’m eating Halloween Reese’s Cups as I post this for Kristin. Carry-on.} Her method is tough. No wonder Gwyneth Paltrow loves it so much.

I must admit. I still yearn for the preppy girl lifestyle I abandoned in high school. Look at this girl’s blog. I’m obsessed with her shiny hair and alligator-shirt wearing boyfriend.

How awesome does this movie look? Chris Colfer is so much more than just Glee. He freaking wrote a teen movie and it looks pretty rad. I am all over that cast, too. Release dates have been sketchy, but all rumors point to December.

Need a laugh break during the workday? Then check out Jose Conseco’s Vice column. 

Every Beastie Boy fan should devote an hour to this.

The price tag doesn’t deter me from wanting this, although it certainly deters me from actually buying it. Sigh.

How many shots are in a bottle of tequila?

Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite links of the moment!

Kristin Sheppard is a local writer and authors the blog Mad Betty, a collection of Austin adventures, reviews, pop culture and other junk. Check her out at www.madbetty.com.

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