Worthy of the Week

It’s time for Worthy of the Week! A collection of some of my favorite stories, recipes, fashions, and random links from around the web this week. Read something fabulous lately? Share your favorite links in the comments!

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Worthy of the Week

Book of the Week

I have total bookworm guilt for not making time to read this week, but check out what Erin’s been reading. She’s a reading machine.

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Posted on February 28, 2014 in Read, Worthy

6 Awesome Comments

  1. Holy balls. You can’t do that on social media is the bomb! #passiveaggressivetoolkit
    Megs´s last awesome blog post…Curried Beef Sliders

  2. OMG… I am in season 3 of Breaking Bad and totally obsessed. A friend gave me the DVDs and I have been watching non-stop. All other shows (if you have regular ones) will go by the wayside, just watch and see!
    Jaime Lopez´s last awesome blog post…Eat This // Colt & Grey Charcuterie

  3. Erin

    Reading machine! I want that on my tombstone.
    I am so nervous about “The Fault in Our Stars” movie. I just need it to be good, really good.
    Erin´s last awesome blog post…What I Read Wednesday

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