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Worthy of the Week

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Worthy of the Week

Book of the Week

I received the following books from the publishers via NetGalley.

The best part of vacation is all the beach-side reading (especially knowing you’re not going to have much time for reading in the new year…more on that in a later post). You’ll recognize some of these titles from my winter reading list.

My Name is Lucy Barton I loved this book until the last 30 pages. The writing is stark and beautiful, the implications of the characters actions subtly implied, but the mention of 9/11 jarred me because it anchored the story in a time that I wasn’t picturing.

The Swans of Fifth Avenue was a bit too starstruck by its own characters. Unfortunate since I really enjoyed The Aviator’s Wife.

The Bette Davis Club was a quick, fun read that would make a great romcom.

Stars Over Sunset Boulevard was a delightful read about two women who met during the filming of Gone With The Wind (which I never consider myself a big fan of, but I guess I am) and how their friendship complicates their lives.

I wanted to love Whistling Women but I just liked it. The story meanders, there are backstories for characters that don’t matter, and the author piles on trope after trope. That said, there’s something about the core story that kept me reading for over 400 pages. A good editor and 100 less pages and I would have loved it.

What are you reading?

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  1. Had not heard the Michelin story before–that’s impressive marketing.
    I lost my best friend/little sister in August. I can barely breathe. Reading “The Lives They Loved” was comforting. Thanks for sharing

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