What’s the problem?

I have eight years of marketing experience. I have my MBA from a Big Ten University. I’m friendly and outgoing and have a strong work ethic.

My self-esteem isn’t hurting, either.

Finding a job shouldn’t be hard. But it is. I’ve had one interview in the past month (well – three with one company). And I never heard back from them.

So, what’s the problem?

I’m sure they Googled me. Everybody Googles everybody. I’ve probably Googled you.

So, is my blog the problem?

I wouldn’t hesitate to talk about anything I’ve ever blogged about.  I’ve made lots of friends and traveled all over the country because of my blog. My mom reads my bog and doesn’t seem too offended – except when I say balls. She doesn’t like when I say balls.

The biggest blogging compliment I ever received was that I act and talk exactly like I blog. If you don’t like my blog, you probably won’t like me.

So, why is this eating at me?

Oh, that’s right, because I need a paycheck.

Potential employers, please see my Linkedin profile. It’s pretty impressive.

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    • Corrin says

      Yes – I haven’t taken any assignments though because I haven’t felt I could write as an ‘authority’ on any of the topics. Am I making it out to be more stringent than it is?

  1. says

    Oh My Gosh, so you’re IN? What the heck are you waiting for woman!!????? Do a bit of research and whip up an article! My hubby, who has a FT job, does DS on the side and easily makes $1500 a month – between the 2 of us we make close to 3k a month JUST with DS!!!

    You can do it!!!! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me :)
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Write About Weddings and the Movie Twilight =-.

    • Corrin says

      I’m going to look into it more this week. I never got an email saying I was officially approved or anything, but I do have access to the work desk and can claim jobs.

      I’m having a difficult time understanding their system – besides the topic itself, are there more specifics listed on what information is to be included in the articles?

  2. says

    Hey, Corrin,
    I just read that not only is everyone going to google you and find out how (in)frequent you use “balls” (which seems tame compared to other bloggers, BTW), but resumes might be a bit passe.
    I just read this http://blog.junta42.com/content_marketing_blog/2010/02/seven-ways-to-position-yourself-for-unlimited-work.html post on junta42. Take a gander. You probably know all this, but maybe it will help generate some other ideas?
    Best of luck!!!!!!


  1. […] I recently saw Kevin Carroll speak and am still digesting all the great messages in his presentation, but this quote (which is in the introduction to his first book, Rules of the Red Rubber Ball) was especially poignant given my current job search and my concern about how my job relates to my career. […]

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