What to wear to Barre

I (very) recently started taking Pure Barre classes. It’s a mix of ballet, Pilates, and cardio and it is intense. I’ve never moved so little and sweat so much in my life. But after just a few weeks I’m getting better and seeing results.

Please god don't let me be the only fat girl at barre class today.

The women can be a little judgy (though I would like to know where and how they acquired their sugar daddies) so it can be a bit intimidating being the biggest girl in the room, but at $22 a class, they can deal with my ass in spandex. While they’re in their sports bras and Lululemon, I struggle to find workout clothes.  So, what does a plus-size girl wear to barre class? The basics.

What to wear to pure barre, what to wear to barre

1. Grippy socks $28 for 3 (Don’t buy the ones from Pure — these are much thicker and comfier.)
2. Old Navy Vintage Tees $7.50 (I prefer the tall version so they cover my butt.)
3. Panache Ultimate Control Sports Bra $68 (Best sports bra ever. Don’t know how I ever played sports or worked out without it.)
4. Twistbands 3-pack $5 (These don’t pinch or jab when you’re doing floor exercises.)
5. Old Navy Compression Leggings $27 (High rise to keep the muffin top under control.)

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Posted on June 24, 2013 in Pretty, Single Girl

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  1. I’ve been wearing the boot cut yoga pants that you can buy at Target from Champion, but they’re not quite what I need. Too much boot cut. I’ll have to give the Old Navy leggins a try. Also, yay for long t-shirts!!!

    • Once I came to grips with exercising in leggings, it really does make things much easier. The Old Navy pair seem to get rave reviews, and you can snag then for less than $20 with a coupon.

  2. Hey (:
    Just wanted to let you know that your blog is awesome.
    Found this via the Wonderforest blogger connect group and I’ll definitely be following!
    Jenny´s last awesome blog post…Sunday Social #55

  3. I’ve tried every barre place in the city and settled on barre 3 because I can do it barefoot. I am too klutz to have grippy socks and carpet, my feet stick and I fall.
    regan´s last awesome blog post…might as well have been running backwards

  4. I think the girls in my corepower yoga classes look at me the same way when I roll in with my cheap gym wear and they are all in their lululemon outfits. But like you said, at $20+ a class, I could care less :)
    Jaime Lopez´s last awesome blog post…WYSIWYG // Weekend Update

  5. I’m so happy you put a bra recommendation on here. I need a new one! And I wear those hair ties at night too so I don’t get a bunch of creases the next day. Love them!
    Christina´s last awesome blog post…Just Checking In

  6. Emily

    I swear I am the only person over 90lbs in my classes. I don’t care though! I am SO addicted to Pure Barre! Love your clothing recommendations!

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  8. This is perfect! I am about to take my first Barre class and i was looking for the right clothes.

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