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Tulum PanoramicI know I totally over-grammed my Thanksgiving trip to Tulum (#sorrynotsorry #makingmemories) so I won’t make you suffer through a full recap, but I do want to talk about vacation reads! The best part of vacation is being able to plop yourself down on a beach chair for a week with a stack of books and just devour them (and some chips and guacamole).

I dragged seven books with me in my carry-on this vacation, and finished six. Not too bad, but I’ll be taking my Kindle with me at Christmas. Here’s my recent vacation reads…

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Looking for Alaska by John Green — I’ve been on a John Green bender as of late, and I think this is my favorite of his consistently stellar titles. I loved the boarding school setting and the sly Hoosier references and that the students were realistically rebellious.

Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman — The NetFlix series is better.

The Wicked Girls by Alex Marwood — I never fancied myself a fan of thrillers, but I’ve been picking them up more and more often, lured by the Gone Girl comparisons (which isn’t even my favorite of Flynn’s novels — Sharp Objects is). This one is about two young girls (like 11-years-old young) charged with murder and the paths their lives take until they’re reunited by a journalist 25 years later. It’s creepy and unexpected and I don’t know why anyone would ever venture into an abandoned amusement park.

The Silent Wife by S.A. Harrison — Another psychological thriller billed as being on par with Gone Girl, I’d argue this one is more psychological and less thriller. Literally. The main character, Jodi, is a psychologist. It kept me reading but was ultimately unfulfilling. There was no real suspense and I thought Jodi would have been a stronger protagonist if she consciously chose her actions rather than just drifting along.

An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin — I love Martin’s writing (Shopgirl is perfection, amiright?), but urgh. Just urgh. The story got lost in the minutiae of the art world and I trudged through not really caring about the characters.

The Isle of Youth by Laura van den Berg— I have a love/hate relationship with short stories. I always think I like them but then I always end up being disappointed. These did not disappoint. Related but not, each story is beautifully written and leaves you asking just the right kind of questions.

Have you read any of these books? Let’s discuss!

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  1. I loved Looking for Alaska–and everything by John Greene. I absolutely agree on Orange is the New Black. I think I would’ve shanked Piper Kerman had I been in prison with her and her letters on Louis Vuitton stationary from all her amazing friends. I also adored Isle of Youth.
    I really did like The Silent Wife, moreso than Gone Girl. What I enjoyed about it was that Jodi drift along, but she drifted right along into this person who was okay with killing her husband and that was fascinating to me.

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