Trading Soda for Water

Have you ever been to Austin? It is one heck of a fit city. Running, cycling, rowing. All in 100 degree heat. It’s nonsense.

Me? Not exactly an endurance athlete.

Shocking. I know.

But I do get in at least three serious walks a week (my goal is 500 miles this year), soda is all but banished from the refrigerator, and I’ve been making an effort to drink 8 glasses of water every. single. day.

So, I am making conscious, positive lifestyle changes.

Between queso and BBQ.

walking the dog

Trading soda for water and upping my consumption has been a challenge, to say the least. I’ve had to detox from Coke (clarification: Coca-Cola Classic), suffer through multiple relapses, and I’ve worn a path to the bathroom, but my skin looks healthier, I’m not as bloated (something I’m sure you’re all excited to learn), and I don’t snack as much.

crystal light pure fitnessCrystal Light Pure has made drinking all 8 glasses of water a day much more enjoyable for me. Instead of chugging my last bottle (or two) of water before bed, I’ve been sipping grape Crystal Light Pure throughout the day. Like a lady.

It helps replace electrolytes after a long walk (the grape and strawberry kiwi flavors have this special little perk), is only 15 calories per serving, and makes a bland bottle of water taste like a treat.

Or, you know, at least not water.

Being a carb counter, I wish there weren’t 3 carbs per serving, but I do appreciate that none of the Crystal Light Pure flavors (grape, strawberry kiwi, tropical, mixed berry, and lemonade) are made with any artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. Another slew of bad habits I’m trying to eliminate from my life.

So, do you drink 8 glasses of water daily? Any tips or tricks you use to get them all in?

Talk amongst yourselves. I have to pee.

Yoohoo. Over here. I thought you should know that this is a sponsored post through the fine people at One2One Network. Sleep soundly knowing that all opinions are 100% my own. Please see my site policy with any questions.

5 thoughts on “Trading Soda for Water

  1. I just made this change myself – I’m not big on flavored water so it was a bit more challenging. I didn’t give up the soda altogether, but I did banish it from the house. Which means it’s all but eliminated. I don’t get out much.
    Just Heather´s last awesome blog post…On High Heels and Kisses

    1. I try to reserve pop for going out dinners, but I’m noticing that the less I drink it, the more it makes me sick when I drink it with meals. I still love it though. I’ll suffer through a stomachache for an ice cold Coke.

  2. my “thing” when it comes to water consumption — it must be in a large container that has a STRAW. 32oz cups from subway are my fave. on my bestest days, i can suck down 3-4 of them in an 8 hour period…. if im at work.

    the straw is the key tho. so important.

    1. My “thing” is styrofoam cups. I know it’s awful for the environment, but I like the way it feels in my hand and that it keeps drinks super cold. There’s nothing worse than room temperature water. Ick.

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