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Tipsy Wreath Making

I got together with two especially crafty and Pinterest addicted coworkers this weekend for the First Annual Tipsy Wreath Making Party. I spotted this wreath from Design Sponge and thought sure – why not pick the most labor intensive wreath I can find for my first time ever making a wreath. And why not throw in sharp pins and alcohol to make it really interesting!

It actually wasn’t that daunting and I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. Here’s how it’s done…

No, that’s not pepperoni. I had to do a little pre-party crafting and spent about 2 hours cutting 400 3-inch felt circles. Super sharp crafting scissors are a must.


Once all my felt circles have been cut, all I needed were some pins (I prefer flat head since they are easier to hide) and a 12-inch foam wreath form. I folded the circles in half twice to form a rosette and stuck my pin through near the point.

I placed the rosettes around the wreath OCD style, fluffing and repositioning as I went, and voila! Two hours and three glasses of wine later, I had my finished wreath.

And I only stuck myself with a pin once.

Didn’t even draw blood. (She says proudly.)

I added a vintage glitter poinsettia because I can’t leave well enough alone, and hung above my living room couch for all to admire.

My tipsy-wreath-making-partners-in-crime were equally as successful with winter foliage, marshmallows, and ornaments.

Are you getting crafty this holiday season? What have you made?

9 thoughts on “Tipsy Wreath Making

    1. Thanks! The cutting is kind of a mindless task while watching television, but I didn’t think I’d use all 400 of them!

    1. Love the baby! You make THAT look so easy!

      I was just catching up on your blog this week. Congratulations! Eden is adorable.

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