Things I’m Enjoying Today

  • My new glasses. The perfect combination of Wayfarer and cat-eye.
  • That the Cadbury Creme Egg commercial hasn’t changed since I was six years old.
  • The color mustard. I would like this skirt. Please.
  • Pinterest. I requested an invite, but haven’t received one yet. Who can pull some strings?
  • Basically, we’re all hipsters.
  • Root beer floats.
  • Apothica and the bottle of Obsession by Calvin Klein that was just delivered.
  • Pom pom socks. (Don’t Google it. I’m warning you.)
  • Words with Friends. Download it. Play a game with me. (I’m CorrinRenee.)
  • Having two job interviews scheduled for next week.
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Posted on February 26, 2011 in Worthy

4 Awesome Comments

  1. I’ve got an invite if no one has given you one yet!

    Love the new glasses.
    Robynski´s last awesome blog post…Book Review – The Art of Eating In by Cathy Erway

  2. I agree, your glasses are awesome. They are totally naughty/nerdy girl. And yes, you totally need that skirt…..and then you need to share it with me!

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