The happiest place on earth…when we aren’t fighting

We’re back from Disney World and we could not have had a better time – except for when I had a conniption at Typhoon Lagoon after Mike continued to push my buttons and we went our separate ways for the afternoon, but I digress.

The trip was to celebrate our 2nd anniversary and Mike’s 30th birthday and I swear Disney must beat cast members into submission for not wishing people wearing buttons a happy day. It was a chorus of well-wishes everywhere we went. While it was sweet, Mike finally had enough and took his buttons off. I proudly displayed them in hopes of more cupcakes.

A cold front came through the second day of our trip, and it was surprisingly nice being able to walk around the parks and not sweat our balls off. I know Mike was grateful not to chafe on this trip.

One of the highlights of our trip was the Behind the Seeds tour at The Lands in EPCOT where we got to release lady bugs, feed fish, and play with plants (watch the video at the end of the slideshow for the coolest plant ever).

The count down now begins for Disney Vacation 2010 next September! Yup – we took advantage of a free dining package offer by booking our next trip before we checked out!

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