The Corner of Awesome and Bombdiggity

Just kidding.

  • This American Life ipad app. 10 years — 445+ episodes — of This American Life at my fingertips. Oh happy day!
  • The lace vase turns any glass bottle or jar into a pretty vase. Just add flowers (preferably from someone cute who also takes you out to dinner).
  • The Johnny Cash Project. Growing up, dinner music consisted of Johnny Cash with a sprinkling of Patsy Cline and John Lennon for good measure. Mostly so we didn’t have to hear each other chew.
  • Friendship bracelets. Braided ones, layered ones, studded ones, rhinestone ones. All of them.
  • J Crew Spring 2012. What’s a girl got to do to get these clothes in real people sizes?
  • Getting everything on my Missoni for Target wishlist.
  • Unicorn hair. (Though I did perfect a similar technique in 2001.)
  • Barbie & Ken’s wedding album. Amazing.
  • Taking a sick day (the bad part) and going back to bed (the good part).
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