Summer Jams 2014

Every good summer deserves an infectious playlist of summer jams to complement the memories being made (or poolside naps being taken) and I’m not ashamed of the top 40 tunes that overtake mine every year (I still tap my toes to some of last year’s jams). I just can’t resist the urge to roll down the windows, crank the radio, and enjoy the sun while humming along.

Here are some jams that are on my summer playlist. I know Iggy Azalea evokes fierce emotions in many, but just pretend she’s Gwen Stefani circa 1995. Are you listening to anything on repeat? Any recommendations?

Edit: I just realized that Spoon song is from 2005 but for whatever reason it’s getting crazy airplay in Austin and it’s new to me so I dig it.

summer jams 2014

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