Spring Reading Recommendations

Psst. Per the new FTC guidelines, I think I have to tell you that a link is an affiliate link before you actually get to the link. So, heads up, the links below are affiliate links. If a couple hundred of you take a few of my reading recommendations I might be able to buy a Starbucks, so thanks!

Last year I read 78 books. This year my goal is to read 100 books. I’m already three books behind schedule, but I’m scooting along with 19 books read so far this year! I haven’t done a round-up of books lately but they always spark such great conversations and more recommendations that I thought it was time.

Here’s what I’ve read recently that I’d recommend:

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Autobiography of Us by Aria Beth Sloss — You may remember me mentioning this recent conversation with my mom about this book.

After Meeting Friends by Michael Hainey — So beautifully written that this true story reads like fiction. I was especially drawn to to the fact that it takes place in and around Chicago, so I was familiar with all the streets, restaurants, and landmarks.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell — I’m a sucker for teen romances.

I have about thirty books on my bedside waiting to be read, but here’s what’s at the top of my pile:

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Dear Life by Alice Munro — Currently reading and every single story is a hearbreaker. Not a happy ending in sight.

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Theresa Anne Fowler — I pre-ordered this months ago and it should be arriving this week. If you’re a lover of historical fiction and enjoyed Loving Frank and The Paris Wife, I suspect you’re as excited about this as I am.

Paris, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down by Rosecrans Baldwin — Rave reviews from several friends and coworkers.

Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris — I wasn’t a big fan of David’s last book, Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk, but I love him so much that I’m willing to give it a go. (Also? Does it take anyone else three times as long to read a Sedaris book because you’re reading it in his voice in your head? Just me? Okay.)

Wise Men by Stuart Nadler — I can’t pass up any book set in 20th century Americana.

Beyond Belief by Jenna Miscavige Hill — Stepping out of my fiction box for a little dirt on the Church of Scientology by the niece of church leader David Miscavige.

What have you been reading? What are you looking forward to reading? Let’s be Goodreads friends!

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  1. Katie says

    YAY! I have been looking forward to a new book post! My book club is currently (re)reading Great Gatsby and Z, and then we are going to see the Great Gatsby movie, which actually looks really promising:)

    • Corrin says

      Hi, Katie! It makes me so excited that you were looking for a new book post. They’re my favorite to share.

      And I agree about The Great Gatsby. I saw the trailer in the theatre a few weeks ago and it looked really great! But I’m also a big fan of Baz’s Romeo & Juliet.

  2. says

    I just finished “The Aviator’s Wife”, a historical fiction about Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Loved it! I was all set & ready to start on Z but I hadn’t received it yet. So now I’m reading “French Twist”, another one of those parent your kids in the French-style books. I loved “French Kids Everything” and the French version of Tiger Mother but this one is just a very late Johnny-Come-Lately. I gotta go through my wish list & pre-orders & take all the parenting books off. They basically all tell me how NOT to be a helicopter parent. I’m the FURTHEST thing from one of those abhorrent creatures.

    Anyway, I’m adding a bunch of these to my list! Thanks!
    Tara´s last awesome blog post…We’re Here!

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