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Special Occasions

Special Occasions

Happy New Year! Did you have a wonderful holiday? I love seeing everyone all dressed up for family gatherings and Nutcracker performances and Netflix binges every December. My family is always presentable, but we do favor the casual and I sometimes wish we’d take advantage of the occasion to dress things up a bit more (as I type this wearing stretchy pants and a worn flannel).

Over the holiday, my mom relayed a conversation that she recently had with my sister. They were at the pool and my sister had a nice bag that she was handling a bit haphazardly. She wasn’t flinging it around or anything, but she did set it on the ground and toss a bottle of sunscreen inside. My mom made a comment about taking care of her things (as would I have…keep reading) and my sister kind of brushed her off, saying that things are meant to be used and enjoyed. It wasn’t meant or taken as a flippant comment, but a reminder that things are things and if you can’t enjoy them in your everyday life, then what’s the point?

I’m always trying to keep my nice things nice (admittedly because I have a bit of a reputation for having no memory of drilling holes into brand new clothing), and while I think that it is appropriate and respectful to treat things with care, it turns into me saving things for “special occasions” that never materialize and prevents me from using and enjoying the things that I have.

Apparently this a very real affliction that runs in families and is known as Saving It for the Pope. Coincidentally, I seem to remember my Nana once saying “What are you saving that for, your funeral?” Same sentiment, just slightly more dramatic.

When I talk about my nicest or fanciest or favorite things, I don’t necessarily mean the most expensive. That’s just a GAP dress and J.Crew necklace pictured above. Both bought on sale, I’m sure. But I’ve been “saving them” for over a year for no good reason. So I’m going to wear them both to work this week and make an occasion to enjoy them.

Do you find yourself saving your favorite things for special occasions? Or do you wear your pearls to the pool?

6 thoughts on “Special Occasions

  1. TOTALLY do this. I’m guilty. And I don’t even have the budge to buy truly “nice” things! I’m in the same boat as you, where something from J. Crew or Gap is my “nice” thing that I don’t wear for 6 months.

  2. I had just entered the world of false eyelashes and mentioned that I would probably only wear them to really fancy things that I never actually go to. A friend told me “false eyelashes are not for special occasions, they are for your face.” I loved that. And while I don’t wear them to run to Whole Foods, I will wear them for random date nights, even if we’re just going to Drafthouse.

  3. If I feel like dressing up, I dress up. Sometimes I’m overdressed, but sometimes… I just feel nice in a twirly skirt.
    What your sister said resonates with me, though. I have a crocheted table runner that a Holocaust survivor made for me after speaking to my students. I have it displayed on a table in our living room and when I first put it out, Shane questioned my thinking, worrying (aptly) that one of our kids would ruin it. And yes, over the ensuing years, it’s been spilled on and Tommy once left a marker uncapped on it. It’s been run through the wash more times than I count. Had I kept it put away in a drawer, it would’ve remained spotless, but my thinking was she made that for me to have and putting it into a drawer wouldn’t do justice to this beautiful thing she created. Even if it now has a slight stain from a red Crayola!

  4. I do this all the time! I stop myself from wearing stuff because the occasion isn’t fancy or special enough. Truthfully, every day I get to wake up and be alive is a gift, and it should be celebrated with my favorite clothes!! I will definitely be taking your suggestion 🙂

  5. This struck a chord for me, because I have a closet full of shoes, clothes, accessories that I’m “saving.” For what? A different life? An invite to somewhere ultra fabulous? That’s crazy. I shall start using my “nice” stuff on the regular, too. Because I deserve it. And if I do happen to be invited somewhere ultra fabulous I’m going shopping.

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