Singing in The Rain (aka Dressing for the Weather)

I ogle the dresses at eShakti frequently and recently added these gems to my wardrobe.

The Birds Who Gossip
Chain Reaction
Singing in The Rain

I love the kitschy patterns; they remind me of something you’d see at Anthropologie. Except that eShakti actually gets it and dresses come in my size. In fact, all eShakti apparel comes in sizes 0 through 26 and any item can be tailored to your specific measurements ensuring a flattering fit. I didn’t customize any of the dresses that I ordered this time but I did make one minor tweak at home – I cut the ribbon that pulled the neckline to the sleeve on the last dress because it exposed my bra strap and just wasn’t a flattering neckline for my chest-size. It may look lovely as-is on you.

I thought today was a fitting day to wear my new Singing in The Rain dress, given the wet weather – though I did add a pink belt for a touch of optimism and a sparkly Burberry scarf. I even pulled out my Hunter boots (which I’ve only gotten to wear once in the last two years thanks to the drought) to wear to and from the office.

What are you wearing today?

The lovely people at eShakti provided one of the featured dresses for review. The other dresses were purchased by me at regular price. Please see my site policy with any questions.

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