Shopping Sabbatical

As I spent an entire sunny Sunday afternoon holed up in my closet putting away laundry and sorting through clothes, I realize that I probably have enough clothes, shoes, and accessories to dress a dozen women. Maybe more.

I have clothes in four different sizes from three different decades. I have shoes I haven’t worn since high school. I have jewelry that seemingly appeared out of thin air. I have clothes that still have the tags on them. I have to buy more hangers every time I go to Target.

So, I’ve lost my mind and decided that I’m taking a sabbatical. A shopping sabbatical. And I want you to join me. Mainly so I have someone to bitch to commiserate with.

Here’s what I’m proposing:

3 months of no shopping. Today through August 1st. No new clothes, shoes, or accessories.

I clearly don’t need anything and I don’t really want anything (shocking, I know), so I’m going to take these three months to dig around in my closet and see exactly what is in there. Wear new combinations, see what fits, and take some risks.

Oh, and save some money.

Will you join me?

Please say yes.

26 thoughts on “Shopping Sabbatical

    1. I am too! Just think, no one there has seen anything in your closet before so it’s all new to them! 🙂

  1. I did this sort of thing for the month of March. Not shopping exactly, but not buying anything extra. It’s tricky sometimes, but totally worth it!

  2. oh shit. um. ok, im in. ive gotta try it. hells bells. i hope you dont regret this when im whining and bitching to you via email & fb. 😉

    ps…. do you have any dark brown light weight cardigans youd like to get off your hands? i really NEED one. i dont want it, and its not an extra, but i have a couple things in my closet i cant wear without one. ill pay. but, since its a NEED it doesnt count right??? 😉

    1. I’m trying not to think about how long three months really is. Perhaps I should have started with a month?

      And I don’t have any dark brown cardigans, but I have a lot of tan ones. The GAP outlet had a ton of cardigans when I was there last week. If it makes it easier to wear other things in your wardrobe, I say it’s a necessity.

  3. I have to take sabbaticals every once in a while too. Unfortunatly I wont be able to join you as I am in the process of losing weight and slowly, but surely, my adorable wardrobe is slipping away from me. But I fully support you, nonetheless. In fact, I might join in for a month or so later this summer. You’ll rediscover so many things in your wardrobe! and actually pulling out some of the undiscovered items will force you to make a decision to keep them or lose them. And you KNOW who to give them to if you’re losing them… right? (ME… just sayin)

    1. I’ve lost a tiny bit of weight (and hoping to lose more this summer) so I’m looking forward to the possibility of finding things in my closet that fit again. Fingers crossed.

  4. Wow! You have shoes with tags still on them!!! I won’t have that many shoes. Just realized, how many lesser clothes I have… You can donate the clotes and shoes you can’t fit in. Hope, the next 3 months you will be very creative in dressing up. best of luck

    1. Thanks! I don’t think I have any shoes with the tags still on, but I know I have many that I haven’t worn in ages (mainly heels).

  5. What great inspiration for me to clean out my closet. I know I have clothes in there that I haven’t worn in forever. The things I wear all the time are about worn out (we are talking holes with patches in some of my jeans and definite holes in my shirts) it is sad but I love those things!

    I found your blog through the blogger comment club, thanks for letting me visit.

    1. It’s amazing what gets pushed to the back of the closet, isn’t it? Let me know how your spring cleaning goes!

  6. I’m totally with you, but in fairness I should admit I don’t think I’ve shopped for myself since about 1982, except for maternity clothes which, let’s face it, are sorta mandatory. So I’m happy to lend support but I don’t think I’ll suffer much (WAIT, can I still get my hair cut?? It sooo needs a trim!).

  7. I did a 30 day no shopping challenge last year and it was rough! I failed and had to restart several times, but I was strict in that I couldn’t buy anything beyond staples (meaning food and hygiene) and I would slip up because of poor planning or a delicious sale I couldn’t resist.

    I think it would have been less of a boot-camp experience if I just nixed regular ol’ shopping instead of saying nothing-no-way-no-how like nail polish, magazines or post its for the desk. I think it’s a great challenge though!

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