Salt Cocoon Roasted Chicken

salt cocoon roasted chicken

I decided to try my hand at domesticity today and have dinner ready for when Mike gets home from work. I followed Talina‘s recipe for salt cocoon roasted chicken and it is unreal.

The cooking process is strange, making a salt cocoon around the chicken, but it really locks in the juices and cooks very quickly. I was worried that it would be salty, but Talina assured me that it wasn’t, and she was right. I cracked the salt off, then removed the skin from the chicken, and it is perfect.

I did change her recipe a titch and used basil instead of rosemary and doubled the lemon, but that’s only because I didn’t have any rosemary in the house and I love lemon chicken.

So, the next time you feel domestic, make Talina’s roast chicken, and let her know what a fabulous recipe it is.

9 thoughts on “Salt Cocoon Roasted Chicken

  1. Yeah … that does look weird and I would be afraid that the chicken would be salty too but I will definitely take yours and Talina’s word for it! I am going to try it soon and let you all know.

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