rats in the ketchup

When Mike and I were grocery shopping tonight, I spotted a critter that could have given the faint of heart quite a fright. Someone had snuck a rubber rat from the Halloween discount bin between the bottles of ketchup. I got quite the chuckle out of it, and left him to be discovered by someone else.

IMG00198 IMG00199

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  1. Daly

    Quite a sense of humor that someone had…LOL. Thanks for the chuckles.

  2. Corrin

    It made me laugh. Although, I can’t believe I wasn’t one of the screamers!

  3. Daly

    LOL…I almost squeeked myself when I saw the photo before I read your message that the mouse was plastic.

    A couple weeks ago, we had an encounter with a real (but dead mouse). It was a field mice (no bigger than 2″) that had snuck into the garage and into the mopping pail. I guess he couldn’t jump out and starved to death because we found him all shriveled up to fur and bones. (Shows how often we mop ;P)

    Every time I go into the garage, I feel guilty thinking that must’ve been squeeking at me but I obviously didn’t hear (and save) him.

    So now we turn the mopping bucket upside down to dry.

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