Pull Out!

The Duggar Family announced today that Michelle Duggar is expecting her 18th child. Discovery Health is even sponsoring a contest to name the newest Duggar addition!

To date, Michelle Duggar has been pregnant for 135 months, which makes me wonder, at what point does the female body just give out? The family says that they will continue to have children for as long as God allows, but you wonder how gracious and understanding they are going to be when their luck runs out and a baby is stillborn or is born with serious health issues.

I also find it very odd that people announce their pregnancies so early. Michelle Duggar is only 6 weeks along and most likely a high-risk pregnancy, so I would think she would want to wait until she’s out of her first trimester to make any grand announcements.

I obviously have opinions about the Duggar family that I’m attempting to keep to myself, but my biggest issue is that there is absolutely no way that those children get to spend any quality time with their parents. They are too busy being put to work with their “jurisdictions” and taking care of each other to act like children.

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  1. says

    At this point, it’s just gotten plain ridiculous. You’re probably right..those kids get no mommy and daddy time at all. I saw the documentary when she was working on, I think it was her 2d set of twins, and they talked about how they “partnered” up the older kids with the younger kids. Just crazy!

  2. says

    I am the fourth child of ten and the oldest daughter. You would be surprised how much time we get with our parents! And the more kids you have the easier it is. The older ones help teach the younger ones, do meals and clean house! It may sound crazy but I would like to have at least ten kids myself! Hopefully more, Lord willing! It’s not as crazy as it seems!

  3. says

    OH, Crazy Working Mom, Just think! The Duggar children have nineteen people to love them if you don’t count extended family and friends!

  4. Corrin says

    Hanna – but at what point in childbearing are the risks too great ? She’s 41 and having her 18th child. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the odds are stacked against her. How does a single father raise 18 children if she dies in labor? How do two parents give enough time to a handicapped child when they have 17 other children? And how fair is it to ask the older children to raise the younger children? That’s neglecting your responsibilities as a parents when you pair the children up to make things easier on yourself.

  5. Corrin says

    And I won’t even get into the logistics and socialization issues with homeschooling all 18 children!

  6. Corrin says

    Lisa – I told my husband that the Duggars must have more sex than most people, which is a little depressing. Haha.

  7. Corrin says

    Crazy – I agree. Michelle Duggar seems like a sweet lady, but she also seems oblivious to a lot of the realities of her family.

  8. Corrin says

    Bobo- the pairing up of the children is such a cop-out. Don’t have that many children if you can’t attend to them yourself. Those older kids will never want to have kids of their own after raising their brothers and sisters!

  9. says

    I literally got the shivers when I read “pregnant with 18th child” and “has been pregnant for 135 months”. Is she now carrying her uterus around in a sling??? How is that physically possible to put your body through that?

  10. says

    This story floods me with emotions: joy, sorrow, anger, disgust. I just think in this day-and-age there’s no reason or need to have that many children. I understand they’re “letting God take the reigns,” but think of all the extra energy and resources they’re using.

    In my mind, Mrs. Duggar just spends her life laying down on the bed, waiting for her huband’s next deposit. What is she, a bank?!?!

  11. Corrin says

    Jen – “carrying around her uterus in a sling” is the funniest thing i’ve heard all day. those kids have to just slide right out of her by now!

  12. Corrin says

    ake – Totally agree. I had read at one time that when the Duggars got married, Mrs. was on birth control and had a miscarriage, so she feels like she’s righting that wrong by having all these children. I’m sure the children would be thrilled to hear that they are her penance.

  13. Corrin says

    oh, and it was a toss up between “pull out” and “hot dog down a hallway” for the title. 馃槢

  14. says

    I have been told that with each addition it gets easier. Then why do I want to call it quits at two! LOL!

    I think we need to consider that not too long ago families needed to be that larger to survive. My grandparents come from larger families where every kid worked on the farm so everyone else could eat.

    Is it possible we see this family for what WE know ….

  15. Corrin says

    Craig – we absolutely view this family from what we know, but when their family is 9x the US average, you have to wonder what their motive is.

    They also aren’t working on a farm trying to survive. They have a custom built home, buses, vans, and motorhomes. Food is purchased thousands of dollars at a time, and they have a trailer to bring it all home in.

    I believe at least a few of their children are going to have issues as adults. The older ones are going to be bitter that they had to work so hard to raise their younger siblings in their youth and the younger ones are going to be bitter that they never got to know their parents. Hell, their parents are in their 40’s, they may never see their newest addition graduate high school!

  16. says


    Have you ever looked at the definition of ‘socialization’?


    v. so路cial路ized, so路cial路iz路ing, so路cial路iz路es

    v. tr.

    1. To place under government or group ownership or control.
    2. To make fit for companionship with others; make sociable.
    3. To convert or adapt to the needs of society.

    Most people think it refers to time with other people but take a look at def. 1 and 3. That is what schools are doing. I am homeschooled and have been my entire life. I will be graduating from high school this year. From experience, homeschool children “socialize” (2) more than those in public school. The world seems to have forgotten that, untill about a hundred years ago, most children were taught at home. The public school was created by the government right after the war between the states to take control of the children and to try and prevent another war.
    My oldest brother just turned 28, has been married three years and has two children the youngest being 9mo. My youngest sister will be five next month. My dad turned 50 last year. My parents would love to have more but can’t. All of my siblings and I would like to have at least ten kids each. There is no way to explain the love our family has for one another. The Dugger children spend more time with their parents and siblings than family’s that have two children and working parents.
    I am seventeen (as of a week ago) but I do watch the world and form opinions. If you still have questions than please let me know and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

  17. Corrin says

    Hannah – I have absolutely no questions for you right now, but if you’d like to stay in touch until you go away to college, get a real job, and experience more of life, I’d like to see what your reaction is to your upbringing and how you are able to interact with the world around you.

    I appreciate you attempting to homeschool me, but I already have a BS in Marketing and English and my MBA.


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