Viva la Poncho

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A few weeks back, I had some errands to run on a Saturday afternoon. It was the first cold-ish day of the season, so I threw on leggings on a poncho and left the house feeling pretty darn good about myself.

On one of my stops, I was talking with a woman when the topic of blogging came up. I was telling her that I blog about a little of everything; food, travel, pets, books, fashion.

Her reply? “That explains the poncho.”

Really? It’s from Old Navy. A deal of the day. I’m not exactly starting a revolution.

If a poncho is out of your comfort zone here’s what you do: keep the color neutral, steer clear of fringe unless it’s Westwood, pair with skinny jeans or leggings and a great pair of boots, cinch it, and enjoy feeling like you’re wrapped in a hug all day.

Poncho, ponchosOld Navy $24 // Vince Camuto $75 // Free People $118
Old Navy $35 // Striped poncho $62 // Vivienne Westwood $380
Zara $50 // Echo $48

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