Pinterest Tips (for the rest of us)

Pinterest Tips

I’m blogging about blogging! Bloggers, weigh in!

My mantra when it comes to blogging is “if it’s not fun, don’t do it.” Fun doesn’t mean that the “it” in question isn’t challenging or hard work, but I believe you should enjoy the process of learning and creating and take something of value from the experience.

Pinterest sits right on the fence between fun and frustrating and I’ve been working hard to master its intricacies. A lot of people have been, and there’s so much written by super users and social media gurus, but I’m not a super user or a guru and none of what they’ve recommended has worked to get me there, so I wanted to share what has worked for me.

My “Pinterest tips for the rest of us.”

Here’s what I’ve been doing that has helped me gain more than 500 new followers a month for the last six months, doubled my page views, and now drives the majority of traffic to my blog. I’m really pleased with these results and I hope they help you grow your Pinterest!

  • Organize your boards I prefer alphabetical and I’ve noticed that since alphabetizing my boards, users who like to pick and choose which they follow, follow more boards.
  • Optimize your boards Complete the title, subtitle, and category for each board so that they appear in relevant searches.
  • Optimize your pins Whether you’re pinning or repinning, take the time to give each pin a relevant caption that includes keywords and assign them to the most appropriate board(s).
  • Optimize your blog posts  Include a high quality vertical image, a keyword studded description, a call to action, and a Pin It button on each post.
  • Pin, pin, and pin again If a pin from your blog is performing well, go ahead and repin it to another relevant board or at a later time so that a new crop of users will be introduced to your content. I have a handful of super performing pins that I pin again and again on a regular basis and they consistently drive more and more traffic.
  • Link appropriately When linking to your own content, make sure the link is included in the source field and, as a courtesy, spot check to make sure links to repins are correct and working properly.
  • Pin in bursts I pin 2-3 times a day for 15 minutes. This allows me to hit followers in different timezones, not overwhelm a specific group of followers, and is much easier for me to fit into my daily schedule. You can use a scheduler, but make sure that it works with Pinterest’s API so your scheduled pins get just as much exposure as real-time pins.
  • Balance Strive for a balance between pins and repins so that you’re an original content curator and a supportive member of the community. I find that I can be a bit more heavy handed on the repins without affecting engagement.
  • Join group boards Group boards can be tricky to join (you have to know or know how to reach the creator) but a good one has a lot of members and a lot of followers, which exposes you and your pins to a large and diverse audience.
  • Start group boards Can’t finagle your way into any worthwhile group boards? Start your own, invite your friends, and put your contact info in the board description so that people who want to join can contact you! (I started one for Awesome Awesome if you want to join!)
  • Tag and comment Just like when you want to catch someone’s attention on Facebook or Twitter, tag users when you pin their content, retailers where products can be purchased, or sponsors you’re working with on the blog posts that you’re pinning. Smart and engaging comments also put your profile out there for new followers to discover!
  • Go pro If you’re a blogger, make the switch to a business account so that you can access analytics and verify your URL.
  • Quantity and quality matters Results may vary, but I’ve found that for every two pins, I gain a new follower. I’ve also found that the more followers I have, the more quickly I gain new followers. The snowball effect of Pinterest. (I’ve also heard rumblings of preferential treatment of accounts that have 10,000 or more pins — I’ll have to let you know if anything changes when I get there.)
  •  Share good content It all boils down to content. And optimization. And magic.

Do you have any Pinterest tips? Any one trick that’s catapulted your results?

5 thoughts on “Pinterest Tips (for the rest of us)

  1. I do like the alphabetical idea because it’s logical, but I’ve also heard to move your boards around according to the season, i.e. right now Valentine’s Day stuff should be up top and Christmas stuff at the bottom. I’m pretty meh about rearranging in a timely fashion, so alphabetical may be the way to go.

    I cannot STAND people who schedule 892 pins to go out at one time. It takes up my entire feed. AND I’m really tired of seeing more “picked for you” pins in my feed than pins from people I follow.

    1. Good recommendation! I definitely move my seasonally appropriate boards to the top (but I’m not timely about it, either).

      You can curtail the “pins for you” in your account settings by clearing your recent searches and deselecting the personalization features.

  2. I love your blog! Thank you so much for great tips! Its always great to read from you. Wishes from Ukraine.

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