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I’ve yet to meet a teenager that doesn’t have music pumping through their veins.

I had stacks of CDs. I dug through bins at the CD trading store (imaginatively named The CD Trading Post) weekly. I burned mixed CDs (I’m not old enough for cassettes) and traded them with friends. I stood in line at the Ticketmaster (but I am old enough to remember the time before online ticket sales) inside the JCPenny at the mall at 8 am on a Saturday for concert tickets to Pearl Jam and Hole and Foo Fighters.

And I see my teen and tween cousins doing the same thing.

It’s clear no one makes it out of their teens without their own personal soundtrack.

high school music collection

After packing my CD collection for college and grad school and first (and second and third) jobs, that’s what’s left of it…six Tori Amos and two Veruca Salt CDs.

My classics.

As much as I loved my CDs, I wasn’t listening to them regularly and I knew I couldn’t move them across country. I didn’t have the space or the time or the money. Instead of letting them collect dust in my parent’s basement, I used Music Magpie. Everything else got ripped and  lives happily on my iPhone and laptop. Now my favorites go with me everywhere I go.

If you haven’t heard of Music Magpie, they buy CDs, DVDs, and games so that you can declutter and make a little cash in the process. Just enter or scan the barcode, print the free shipping label, and wait for your check to arrive once your items pass a quick quality inspection. Music Magpie then recycles everything they buy so that it doesn’t end up in a landfill. (Did you know that over 30 billion CDs and DVDs are made every year? And that recordable CDs contain as much as 20mg of gold?!)

I sold several hundred CDs and had a nice little stash of cash to fund my move from Chicago to Austin. And truth-be-told, I don’t miss them all that much. My personal soundtrack keeps growing and evolving, but I do go back to those classics every so often. I just don’t have to dig through boxes and crates to get to them.

This post is sponsored by the lovely people at Music Magpie. All opinions are my own and I was a happy Music Magpie customer before this post. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Oh Hey possible.

2 thoughts on “Personal Soundtrack

  1. It was a very freeing feeling when I put my CDs on my computer and got rid of them all. I wish there were a simple way to do that to DVDs as well. And Amazon needs to invent a program where you can trade physical books for Kindle editions.

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