Palm Springs Adventure

And by “adventure” I mean laying by the pool, reading, drinking, and eating for a week. Exactly as planned.

Packing for Palm Springs

I met my sister in LA and we drove to Palm Springs where we stayed at the ACE Palm Springs because everybody stays at the ACE, right? Since we were there the week before Labor Day, the pool was delightfully quite and empty. Highly recommended.

ACE sign

Everything Will Be Okay

ACE Crazy Wall Corrin

Scooters for Rent

Everywhere you looked, the view was amazing. The mountains and palm trees didn’t even look real against such the shockingly blue sky.

ACE Palm Springs Pool Floaties

You Are Here

You Are Everywhere

If you look close (but not too close), you can see me in my preferred vacation spot — reading in the shade next to the pool.

Palm Springs Skyline from ACE

We (read: my sister) received a few special deliveries and I’m never one to turn down poolside bubbles.


Dinner at El Jefe inside The Saguaro Hotel didn’t disappoint. Mexican small plates, combined with our questionable Spanish, lead to us ordering one of everything on the menu (and two of a few things). I recommend the pineapple margarita, bean nachos, and carnitas tacos.

Margaritas at El Jefe

Tacos at El Jefe

Our parents cruised into town near the end of the week and we had lovely dinners at Melvyn’s and Norma’s. The Parker Palm Springs is amazing and where I foresee us staying the next time we’re in town.

Mom and Dad at Parker

The Parker Palm Springs

The Parker Fire Pit

Palm Trees at Night

And this picture of my dad is pretty much my favorite from the whole trip.

Dad at The Parker

I also had the brilliant idea to ride the Palm Springs aerial tramway without fully comprehending what riding a tram 8,000 feet up the side of a mountain would entail. Having a five-minute panic attack while crammed into a tram with 50 other people is so much fun.

Original Palm Springs Tram

I should have known things weren’t going to go so well when my mood ring (purchased by my sister in the gift shop, natch) turned black while boarding.

Mood Ring Fear

Luckily, the view was amazing and the 70 degree temperatures were a nice break from a week of 110 degree scorchers. And thankfully, the tram ride down was not nearly as terrifying as the ride up, partly because we had the tram to ourselves.

Palm Springs from above

Palm Springs from telescopePeace out, Palm Springs. I’m now looking into early retirement.

ACE Palm Springs Corrin

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