Amy Freeze – Chicago Meteorologist

I’ve only been back in Chicago for two weeks, so I’m still re-familiarizing myself with the news stations. Particularly the meteorologist, because we all know that Chicago weather is crazy.

All of the familiar faces are there. Andy Avalos, Steve Baskerville and Tom Skilling, but there’s a new meteorologist in town, and she may be the perfect person for the job. Amy Freeze is the chief meteorologist on Fox 32 and even has her own website, Freeze Front.

That’s like being a vet named Dr. Barker, or a dentist named Dr. Les Plack, or a lawyers named Dewey, Chetham, and Howe. Amy Freeze had no choice but to be a weather girl!

I <3 Frederic Fekkai

Frederic Fekkai Winter Hair Anti Static Weightless MistI’m desperately trying to let my hair grow, but when it acts crazy, I want to chop it all off. My latest obstacle…static.

My sister bought a bottle of (deep breath) Frederic Fekkai Winter Hair Anti Static Weightless Mist and it is amazing. It’s a mist that you spritz on your hair when you’re finished styling, then smooth all the static and flyaways with the palm of your hand. Works like a charm.

Sephora says it’s a limited-edition product, so I obviously stocked up.