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Office Redesign with Clark+Kensington #HelloBeautiful

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oh hey work space

I spend a lot of time in my office, largely because my kitchen, living room, and office is one large open space. I may be overstating when I say “office,” it’s more like a work cubby, but the space gets great light throughout the day with windows that face east and west and has more than enough elbow-room. But for all its charms, it’s lacking a clear differentiation between work and leisure which can make it difficult to concentrate.

oh hey work cubby

I love the large table that I use as my desk and it’s perfectly situated in the cubby of a large window which could easily be fancied up with a fresh coat of paint and new accessories that would make my office feel separate but not lose the benefits of being part of a larger space.

oh hey officeThePaintStudio_AtAceStacked_Gray

Paint is a such a quick and affordable way to redesign any space, especially for a renter like myself, and Ace Hardware’s exclusive in-store paint brand, Clark+Kensington, has amazing colors to choose from. I was immediately drawn to two punchy pastels which would no doubt freshen up my work cubby without overwhelming the larger space — Young at Heart is a blushing pink and Isla Mujeres is a pistachio green.

I was really looking for colors and patterns with a bohemian touch that would make the space feel like a clean slate. It helps that both colors perfectly match a rug that I’ve had my eye on and keep the space light and bright so I can focus on my work, but I’m completely torn on which color to go with.

Which color would you choose? And does anyone want to help me paint? I’ll open a bottle of champagne!

offce redesign with clark+kensington Introducing the New Paint Studio at Ace. Featuring brilliant colors from Clark+Kensington, ranked #1 by a leading consumer magazine in interior semi-gloss. So stop by your neighborhood Ace today to get top color expertise and to find your perfect color with mixable, pint-sized color samples for $4.99 at the hottest boutique, the new Paint Studio at Ace, where helpful is beautiful.

10 thoughts on “Office Redesign with Clark+Kensington #HelloBeautiful

  1. I love the green! I just put a desk in my room to give myself a designated workspace and I’m loving finding design ideas. Putting them into practice is a different story.

  2. I need to handle my office space. We have a dedicated office room, and half of it is Adam’s and covered in horror movie stuff. My desk is sooooo cluttered with all of my stuff, and I need to get it under control. I’m thinking of putting up some shelves above to desk to handle all of my flotsam and jetsam. Your office is totally inspiring me!!

    1. The best thing I ever did was buy that gigantic table to use as my desk. It was a steal at IKEA and I’ve been using it for 10 years. So much room to stretch out and you don’t feel so cluttered!

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