No Baby’s Breath (said in my best Joan Crawford voice)

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I love fresh cut flowers. The only thing better than sending someone fresh flowers is receiving fresh flowers from 1-800-flowers. In fact, I wouldn’t hesitate sending myself a big bouquet of roses since everyone that has ever sent me flowers (excluding my parents and husband) has made the grave mistake of not following the golden rule of flower delivery.

No baby’s breath.

It’s botanical name is Gypsophila meaning “lover of chalk.” It’s known simply as “Gyp” in the floral industry because it’s a filler that gyps people out of more pretty roses in their bouquet. In Canada they call it “soap wort.”

Do any of those things sound like something you want to take a big whiff of and display on your kitchen table? I don’t think so.

Maybe I’m being too harsh. I realize some people actually like baby’s breath, and for that lapse in judgment, I am truly sorry. But honestly – would you prefer the sunshine filled Summer Rose Mix Bouquet from 1-800-flowers?

summer rose mix bouquet

Or the Sunny Yellow bouquet with a generous helping of soap wort?

sunny yellow

I think the choice is clear.

No baby’s breath. Ever.

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