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Two Hour Nap

I am a champion napper. No cat naps or lunchtime siestas over here. If I lay down for a nap, it’s a 2-3 hour time investment. And it’s in your best interest not to wake me up before I hit the two-hour mark. I’m not one of those nappers who can fall asleep anywhere, though. The conditions have to be just right. I need pillows, blankets, air conditioning, and relative darkness.

Given the duration of my perfect nap, you’d think it would hinder my nighttime sleep. Not the case. I can get eight blissful hours of sleep shortly after a nap and I can note a handful of occasions where a late afternoon nap segued into a full night’s sleep. (In fact, on my recent trip to Scottsdale, I laid down at five o’clock thinking I’d go out for a late dinner and ended up ordering room service for breakfast the next morning. Oops.)

The benefits of napping are well documented, and this recent NYT article (which is really about vacations — another passion of mine) has some interesting information in regards to work-rest ratios and productivity. Regardless of the benefits, being a working adult unfortunately prohibits regular napping, but I do take advantage on the weekends and consider a Sunday without a nap to be a wasted opportunity.

Are you a napper? A cat napper or a deep sleeper? What’s your ideal napping environment?

14 thoughts on “Nap Time

  1. When I saw your title, “Nap time” I thought: “Ohhh, I need that!” I am a terrible nighttime sleeper: can’t fall asleep, can’t stay asleep and awake for hours, so I am perpertually tired, cranky and in need of a nap. The only plus: I get a lot of reading done.
    However, I do like even short naps, 20-30 mins to an hour are a delicious luxury and easiest to slip into on a sunny afternoon, even though I like complete darkness at night. A coworker used to nap on her lunch hour and I didn’t understand it at the time, I wondered if she was ill-prepared for work or partying too much. Now I get it, though I am more discreet about my napping than she was. Sorry for my judginess, Tanesha.
    Sweet dreams to you, Corrin!

    1. You may be interested in this little gadget that I just pre-ordered…

      It monitors your sleep environment and compares to your sleep quality to figure out what your optimal sleeping conditions are and wakes you up between sleep cycles so that you feel more rested. I’ve been using a similar app on my phone but it has some features that I’m not fond of, like automatically turning my phone on DND, so I’m excited to try something different!

  2. I am a napping PRO. If there were an Olympic napping sport, I’d be on trend for at least the bronze medal. I’m not the best at sleeping at night (5-6 is pretty much max for me) so I make up a lot of my lack of night time sleep with napping. Luckily, I am self-employed, so I get to set my own napping schedule. I can nap for an hour or so on the couch, but I do my best napping in bed, with my fans going (yes, there are 2) and my crazy cat either on the bed or the headboard. And it’s a time commitment for me as well. Yesterday I was a feeling a little peaky, and I napped for almost 4 hours. It was amazing!!
    Cathy Benavides´s last awesome blog post…Depression is Devestating – #TransparentTuesday

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