My Proposal to Spanx

A few weeks ago, Spanx introduced their new line of Spanx Slimming Swimsuits.

Chubby girls everywhere jumped for joy.

(With no repercussions since we’re all wearing our Spanx body shapers, of course.)

Until we visited and saw that every model strutting around in a Spanx Slimming Swimsuit is a size 2 and disappears when they turn sideways.

Basically, the last people that would ever need a Spanx swimsuit.

Spanx Collage

To add insult to injury, the largest size is a size 16. A generous size 16, but a size 16 nonetheless.

So here’s my proposal, Spanx.

Prove that your new Slimming Swimsuits live up to the Spanx reputation.

Your target market needs convincing.

(Or so my informal Twitter poll of 4 other chubby girls leads me to believe.)

I’m a size 16-18 with some bodacious boobs. Send me samples of your new Spanx Slimming Swimsuits. Let me try them on and model them for my readers.

I promise not to use the fake tan and insta-slim options on Picnik and I’ll even return the swimsuits when I’m finished.

Call me. Let’s chat.

4 Replies to “My Proposal to Spanx”

  1. Amen Sista!! Spanx is a gift to us bodacious girls! What are they thinking using tiny models and only going to a size 16. If Spanx is really all that.. they will cater to the market for which they are intended!

    Let’s hear from you Spanx! You really don’t want Target’s Assests to swoop in an win our $$ do ya??

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