Must Listen Podcasts

It wasn’t too long ago that I’d never listened to a podcast. I honestly thought they had their heyday in the 90s and were just internet relics.

Oh how my opinion has changed.

I’ve become a huge podcast nerd in the last year. To the point where I wish I spent more time commuting because I can’t keep up with everything I subscribe to.

Here are some of my must listen podcasts.

Are you a podcast fan? What are you listening to?

Must Listen Podcasts

This American Life is everyone’s favorite. I’ve been listening for at least 10 years.

Follow along with the Gilmore Guys as veteran fan Kevin T. Porter and newcomer Demi Adejuyigbe discuss my beloved Gilmore Girls episode by episode. I’m such a fan of these two that I even made it to a live show.

StoryCorps never fails to make me cry.

I can’t think of two brothers I’d rather take dubious advice from than Dear Hank & John.

Episodes 24-35 of You Must Remember This focus on Charles Manson’s Hollywood and are captivating.

Leandra Medine’s Monocycle is a breath of quirky, and often poignant, fresh air. It’s Man Repeller but better.

Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin is an absolute riot. Not surprisingly, he’s loud, pushy, and charming.

Death, Sex & Money always offers refreshingly honest conversation on topics that most people aren’t having conversations about.

Reply All is internet geek heaven.

Send in a “How do it…” question and they’ll answer it on How To Do Everything.

If you love the Modern Love essays in the New York Times, be sure to subscribe to the Modern Love podcast.

The Heart is hit or miss for me, but I give each episode a chance because when it’s good, it’s really good. Potential NSFW warning.

New York Magazine’s Sex Lives talks about everything you ever wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask. Or Google. Or even think about too hard. I love how non-judgemental the hosts are and the experts they bring in to add facts and background. Definite NSFW warning.

If you’ve ever looked someone up and down and then called bullshit, then you’re giving them The Read. No one is hip-hop or pop culture is safe from hosts Kid Fury and Crissle.

Fries before guys. Call Your Girlfriend is a podcast for long distance besties.

Anna Faris Is Unqualified is just so damn sweet that you don’t care if she’s unqualified to talk about whatever she’s talking about.

Sampler fuels my podcast obsession by highlighting the best of the best in podcasts each week.

5 thoughts on “Must Listen Podcasts

  1. I’m so happy you posted this! I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to get into podcasts. I’ve heard of quite a few of these, but definitely not all. Thanks!

    Do you have any favorite podcasts about music? I’m looking for a good one.

  2. Me too! I work from home so I don’t commute at all, which means I have to invent reasons to get in the car. My favorite podcast hands down is Sam Harris’s “Waking Up with Sam Harris”. So perfectly nerdy with discussions ranging from religious topics (he’s an atheist and anti-religion) to physics to philosophy. Plus, I love listening to really smart people talk about stuff I’m not totally familiar with. I’m out of new episodes and looking for another couple to fill in the gaps. Will look at some of these. Thanks for sharing the recs. I’ll throw a couple out in case you’re collecting additional suggestions:

    Limetown – sorta like Serial, but fictional. took me a few episodes to get into it, but I think I liked it. waiting for season 2…
    Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette – wide-ranging conversations with a variety of people about life, living, work

  3. I’m a podcast addict for sure- lots of my faves up there! I also get excited when there’s a new Pop Culture Happy Hour & My Favorite Murder or Someone Knows Something (if you love true crime). The Popcast with Knox & Jamie is fun, too.


  4. Love this post and the comments, always up for new podcast suggestions! I have a short commute, not much time for podcast listening, so instead I listen when I cook, clean, fold laundry and even when getting ready for the day or for bed (makeup application/removal and tooth flossing are boring, podcasts make it better). Some of my favorites that aren’t listed above:
    Pop Rocket is all pop culture/current events with a good mix of panelists:
    How to be Amazing with Michael Ian Black is really smart and inspiring. I was previously neutral on Michael Ian Black but find him an insightful interviewer:
    Bookriot has several book podcasts to cotribute to our to-be-red lists but my favorite is Get Booked: http://bookriot.com/category/get-booked/
    I’m looking forward to Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson’s podcast 2 Dope Queens starting soon!

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