Mold-A-Rama 2008

I made it my mission during our trip to Bookfield Zoo to collect every Mold-A-Rama in the park, and I almost succeeded.

If you’re not familiar with the Mold-A-Rama, it’s a contraption developed in the 1950’s that instantly makes colorful plastic toys. The machines are sprinkled throughout the US, but Chicago has the most, with 11 at Brookfield Zoo and several at the Field Museum and Museum of Science and Industry.

At Brookfield Zoo, you can make an alligator, dolphin, elephant, giraffe, gorilla, koala, panther, penguin, polar bear, rhino, and walrus for $1.50 each. The dolphin was broken and the koala and walrus were both MIA, but there was a special shark Mold-A-Rama for the Stingray Bay exhibit.

In all, I came home with 9 Mold-A-Ramas! It’s now my mission to collect all of the Mold-A-Ramas available in Chicago-land.

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