Looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker!

I finished reading The Autobiography of a Fat Girl by Laurie Notaro and it was a truly awful book aside from one chapter that had me in tears laughing. Mike was asleep and I had to tell someone so I called my mom and it took me a good three minutes to explain that my hysterics didn’t mean someone died, I was just having a giggling fit.

This is what was so funny…Laurie takes her grandma to the grocery store where they go their separate ways. She spots her grandma scaling the shelves for a can of clams and asks what she was thinking trying to climb the shelves at her age, to which her grandma replies “Don’t worry. I’m wearing my Easy Spirits. They look like a pump but feel like a sneaker.”

I laughed. Then I started to sing the Easy Spirit song, which made me laugh even harder. Then I pictured the women in the commercial playing basketball in their oh so stylish pumps and my laughter turned into full blown hysterics.

Then I realized that I had cabin fever and I woke my husband up and made him take me out to dinner.

8 thoughts on “Looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker!

  1. Hi Corrin! I remember that ad! As someone with screwed-up feet I was wondering if they still make Easy Spirit shoes. Anything that feels like walking on air is great to me! Your husband is great to take you out on a whim! That’s the kind to have! 🙂

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