Lick Ice Cream

I’m more of a savory than sweet girl. (That pertains to so many aspects of my life, I can’t even explain.) But you put “small batch, local, and seasonal” in one sentence and use it to describe ice cream I am so there.

There being Lick. Lick-Austin

A tiny little store on South Lamar, next to Barley Swine, Lick makes honest ice cream — using only pure, whole ingredients — and you can totally tell. The flavors are to-die-for rich and smooth and fresher than fresh.



Their flavor selection is ever-changing and consists of everyday, seasonal, and dairy-free and vegan options (my mind can’t grasp either of those concepts, but if that’s your thing, then Lick’s your place). Goat cheese, thyme & honey. Dark chocolate with olive oil & sea salt. Caramel salt lick. Need I go on?



Brown sugar and butternut squash is my favorite flavor so far. Unfortunately it’s a seasonal flavor…and I bought the last two pints. Sorry ’bout ya.

Luck-Austin-Butternut- Squash-Ice-Cream

If you’re in Austin and ever want to meet for ice cream, you know who to call and where to meet. If you’re looking for a place to take your honey on Valentine’s day, Lick is a gem.

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