Let’s Shop – Skirts, Wedges, and Kushyfoot

I don’t wear shorts. I think they’re uncomfortable and unflattering. I also don’t think any grown woman should be wearing anything with a 2″ inseam. I don’t care how great your legs are.

My version of shorts and a t-shirt is a skirt and a t-shirt – just as easy to throw on but much cuter.

Here’s a few skirts I’m loving this week (all but one of which is reasonably priced, but that’s okay because I’m just window shopping):

cute skirts

enzo wedges

I’m also in love with these Enzo Mirabelle wedges that would match every skirt, but we all know I wouldn’t make it a block in 4″ cork wedges with a 1″ platform.

If you’re a fan of the sky high wedges, you need to check out Kushyfoot. Their tights and hosiery are made especially to keep your feet comfortable before, during, and after teetering around in heels all day. I’ve been a fan for years and I always have a stash of Kushyfoot products (I always pick mine up at TJ Maxx).foot covers

Kushyfoot foot covers are booties with a layer of cushioning right at the ball of your foot. They are fantastic with classic heels and are cut extra low so they aren’t noticeable. Kushyfoot also makes toe covers to wear with sandals, mules, and slingbacks.

flats to goAfter wearing wedges and heels all day, your feet need a break. KushyFoot Flats to Go are super lightweight ballet flats that fit into even the smallest purse. Throw them on before lunch, your commute home, or whenever those super trendy heels give you a blister.

So, What’s in your (imaginary) shopping cart this week? Leave your link below so I can stop by and window shop!

KushyFoot sent me a sampling of their products for review. The above mentioned products are my favorites. Please see my site policy if you have any questions.

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