Let’s Shop – Sandals

My love of flat knows no bounds. I used to teeter around on heels, but I gave up after college and have been comfortably strutting my stuff in flats ever since.

There is an abundance of super cute flat sandals this spring, and if I had the money, I’d buy every single pair of these…

spring sandals

Thousand Reflections Sandals in Khaki $218.00

BCBG Paris Gevi Embellished Ankle Wrap Sandal in White$54.95

Boutique Nordstrom Cinch Sandal in Pewter $69.95 (I generally despise these bootie sandals, but this pair spoke to me)

Steven Madden Bride in Rhinestones $99.50 (Saw these at Nordstroms and fell in loooooove)

Cynthia Vincent Murray in Chartreuse $230.00

GAP Rhinestone T-strap Sandal in Pewter $29.99

Steve Madden Mazement in Bronze $129.95

Jessica Simpson Jeko in Tan $69.00

Madden Girl Maliboo Flat Studded Sandal in Turquoise $39.95

MIX No. 6 Bunch Gladiator in Grey $39.95

Mystique in Yellow $140.00

Report Sawyer in Black Metallic $59.95

Seychelles Get Outta Town in Pewter $79.95 (The Mossimo Wakeisha D’Orsay Flats are almost identical for $17.99 but they scream BLISTERS to me)

What’s in your (imaginary) shopping cart this week? Leave your link in the comments (link exchange is down – will add when back up and running!) so everyone can stop by and window shop!

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