Let’s Shop – Jeggings

I did it.

I ordered jeggings. Stirrup jeggings.

I was late jumping on the leggings bandwagon and now I adore them, so I wasn’t going to miss the jeggings train. Especially now that I’ve found wide calf boots that aren’t atrocious.

I ordered legging jeans and stirrup legging jeans from GAP (use code GAPSAVE for 25% off plus free shipping on orders over $50) and am patiently awaiting their arrival. If all goes well, I’ll be adding a pair of black jeggings to my fall wardrobe, too.

jean jeggingsjeggingsblack jeggings

So, what’s in your (imaginary) shopping cart this week? I know jeggings are a controversial topic. Do you love them? Hate them? Live in them? Leave a comment!

17 thoughts on “Let’s Shop – Jeggings

  1. I did have jeans like these in the 80’s – they mostly were hand me downs. I wasn’t overly crazy about them, they seemed hard for me to take off. I’m glad that you found ones that you like though.
    Lara Wancea´s last awesome blog post…Christmas 1980

    1. Lara – I seem to remember my mom rocking some jeggings in the 80’s and I *know* I wore stirrup pants in middle school. Hopefully I look cooler this time around. Haha.

        1. I have no problem with you hating them at all, that’s why I asked. I just expect a complete sentence from those who comment, especially when referring negatively to something I purchased. Love it, hate it, don’t give a shit – but give a reason why.

          1. Whoa. Okay then.

            I don’t like skinny jeans. I don’t like leggings. Most people who wear them cannot pull them off. There’s my reason. And my unsubscribe.
            Courtney´s last awesome blog post…Thank You!

  2. Jeggings SEEM like they are very versatile and comfortable. However, there are so many things that could go wrong for me. I am kind of scared to buy them. I can’t wait to see how you wear your jeggings so I can get some inspiration for how to pair them with existing (i.e. not on trend) pieces in my closet!
    Kathryn´s last awesome blog post…Greenling’s Best of Austin Bash

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