Let’s Shop – Down Jackets

For the past 24 hours, I’ve been planning a trip to Colorado.

Aspen. Breckenridge. Vail. Winter Park.

I’m dreaming of mountains, snow, ski lodges, hot cocoa, and cute hats and scarves. All because this Land’s End Lightweight Down Jacket was delivered to my door yesterday.

lands end down jacket

I know, I know. I just moved to Texas. What do I need a down jacket for? Well, for one it’s cute. For another, it’s not the marshmallow monstrosity that most down jackets are.

It’s lightweight.

It also nips in at the waist, has a snuggly fleece-lined collar and cuffs, and is an amazing turquoise color that’s more snowflakes and icicles than sandy beaches and umbrella drinks.

(And for those of you that will be doing more than gazing at the mountainside from the warmth of a ski lodge, this jacket is made from wind-resistant nylon with a water-resistant DriOff finished and stuffed full of 600 fill power down which makes it rated to -15°. Brrrrr.)

So. Who wants to get cozy by the fire? I’ll bring the cocoa.

The lovely people at Land’s End sent me the featured jacket to fuel my ski resort vacation dreams. Please see my site policy with any questions.

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