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I think that the Amazon Kindle commercial is fundamentally flawed.

It’s too good. Too magical and fantastical. It captures the essence of why we read – to escape and experience and stretch our imaginations – too perfectly.

It makes me want to read actual books, with pages and dust covers and bookmarks – not an electronic device that we have to monitor the power bar during marathon reading sessions.

I’m a reader – a book or more a week – and this commercial shows exactly why I can’t bring myself to switch to a Kindle.

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  1. I’m with you on that. I have some magazine subscriptions on zinio. I like that because it cuts down on clutter, because I’m somewhat of a save-a-holic! But, it is great to sit down with coffee or tea and a good book. I could never switch.

  2. Hello to you all from a Kindle owner! *waves*

    I will try to be brief. HA!

    The Kindle power is NOT an issue. It lasts for weeks w/o charging. Unless you’re a whore with the wireless access.

    I LOVE books. Love them. I haven’t stopped reading real books and never will because there will always be that one book not available digitally, or I want that book for my series, etc.

    I honestly hate holding books now after having my Kindle.

    I can hold my Kindle with one hand w/o killing my thumb or with NO HANDS while propping it on a pillow. And reading in bed? Love to do it. Not so easy with a real book, but sooo much easier with the Kindle.

    And the wireless. I love instant delivery of books. I shopped for a new book on the beach last year! And new releases? I can pre-order them and have them downloaded the morning it’s released.

    Bookstores? I still go! I bargain shop because MOST Kindle Editions are cheaper than the real thing. Not all, but most.

    The only issue I have with the Kindle is the lack of page numbers. I love knowing how far I have to go before I’m done a book and that can really sneak up on you with the Kindle. And I can’t share my Kindle books with my friends and family. 🙁

    Oh and I love the ability to increase or decrease font size and the built in dictionary is amazing.

    .-= Jessica Kennedy´s last blog ..Contest Roundup: Dec. 1 – 5 =-.

    1. Jessica – The lack of page numbers alone would make me throw a Kindle through a window. How bizarre not to include page numbers!

      1. Kind of a late reply to this post, but the Kindle lacks page numbers due to the ability to change font size.

        I am also a Kindle owner myself, and it’s definitely great for travel. I don’t have to carry a ton of back breaking books with me, and I can buy a new book at any time day or night. I definitely love not having to bend the binding backwards on an especially thick paperback to catch the light correctly.

        As for the Kindle not being able to beat the pricing of used paperbacks, I completely agree. But if trading paperbacks seem cheaper then there’s the public library which is completely free for penny pinchers. :p

        Have you Kindle haters actually used a Kindle before? Isn’t reading really about the content of the book instead of the smell? I just hope you guys can just sit down with one before you start bashing it. Give it a chance 🙂

      1. I tried PBS but wasn’t liking how long it took to get the books I REALLY wanted.

        I don’t have to wait when I have my Kindle. 🙂

        Of course I understand the money thing. I should probably only get books from the library but I’m back at that I WANT IT NOW issue. 🙁
        .-= Jessica Kennedy´s last blog ..Contest Roundup: Dec. 1 – 5 =-.

  3. I absolutely love my Kindle! I have been an avid book reader and collector my entire life and I still love my Kindle.
    I had to start thinking about where I was putting all my books… and each time I move how heavy they are to move with me. I still have a book collecting addiction, but the Kindle allows me to collect the books that I want to read, without taking up space in my shoebox of an apartment. I still collect books, just not the novels anymore.
    It also cuts down on my tree consumption…

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