It’s called MAGIC for a reason!

IMG 3124So, that is me and my new sex toy from Eden Fantasys. Don’t I look happy?

Before you start the phone tree to gossip about what Corrin blogged about this time, I want to remind you that the little wonder pictured to the right is technically a personal massager. How personal you want to get is up to you.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is definitely an adult toy, whether you use it as a personal massager or a personal massager. No whimpy AA batteries for this toy. Instead, you get a 6 foot cord that turns 110-120 volts into a powerful dual speed vibration, perfect for relaxing sore muscles or using for clitoral stimulation.

That’s the part where the Hitachi Magic Wand is technically a sex toy. Start the phone tree.

The soft flexible head is nonporous, which can be used with all kinds of lubricants and massage oils, and easily cleaned with soap and hot water. The 9 inch long handle makes the magic wand easy to maneuver and point in the right directly, and the toggle switch lets you quickly control the speed of the vibrations. You know it’s good when my chiropractor gave the thumbs up to use the Hitachi Magic Wand between alignments!

If the Hitachi Magic Wand isn’t your speed, Eden Fantasys has more sex toys than you can shake a…magic wand at. So, find one that’s right for you and experience the magic of personal massagers!

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  1. says

    Oh, you brave soul! LOL I had a hard time blogging about lingerie, I am not sure that I am this brave. Regardless of the fact that I have a much SMALLER one at home, hehe. I would probably talk about lotions and potions, though.

    Qtpies7s last blog post..An escape artist

  2. Corrin says

    Jennifer – I cleared it with Bird first, and she said sex toys are no big deal. She listens to talk radio and they talk about them all the time. 😛

  3. says

    You know your a good writer when you cause readers to reread, the equivalent of a double take in show biz hahaha

    I cant believe you wrote about that, I have had one for years and its still going strong…

    Yes I am a man, and yes it has other functions! I used to work in manual labor!

    Jesses last blog post..Weekly Wrap Up March 30 – April 5

  4. Corrin says

    Julie – It is huge, but I guess you don’t have to try the hit or miss approach that way? You just put it down there and you’ve instantly got full coverage?

  5. Corrin says

    Ashley – Doesn’t Miranda use it to put her kid to sleep instead when the vibrating bouncy chair gives out, too? See multi-multi-functional!

  6. Corrin says

    HA…I thought you called me a filthy slut. Thanks hunny.

    (The Unhappy Reader is totally my husband. He doesn’t fool me.)

  7. says

    I love the Hitachi Magic Wand! Everything it does is certainly magic. I’ve used mine quite a few times and what I have learned through using it, even in just the first few times I’ve used it is that it is a lot more comfortable, for me anyway, to use it through a towel because the vibrations can be a little hard to take, especially if you’re new to what the Hitachi can do for you.

    Hollys last blog post..Personalize Your Own Postcards for the Right Price


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