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I went to Yale. Kinda.

Last month, I spent a week at Yale University attending the Yale Publishing Course. We won’t get into the semantics of if I went to Yale or if I went to Yale, largely so that I don’t have to crush my own dreams, but it’s a funny thing to sit in a classroom at an Ivy League school in your thirties and think “Could I have done this as an undergrad?”

The answer is no. I could not have. I was a good student, but I was a lazy student. Out-of-state schools weren’t even a consideration, let alone one on the east coast.

I guess that’s part of what made my week so exciting and exhausting. I’m old enough to appreciate the experience and realize I probably won’t have the opportunity ever again. The course was everything I had hoped it would be just not in the way I expected it to be, and it took me a few days to digest all the information and come to that conclusion. If you ever want to discuss if coloring books are really books, I’ve got a lot to say.

With a full schedule of speakers and networking dinners, I was only able to venture out for a short while to take a spin of the old campus, hit the bookstore, and snap some pictures. The whole campus is like Disney World. Everything is buffed clean, bursting with flowers, and aged just so.

I loved it.

Yale University

Ivy League

Yale Publishing Course

Addams Family House


Art Museum Doors

Yale Arches

Yale University

Ivy League

Ivy League

College Gates

Old Brick Building

Yale Golf Course

New Haven at Night

Oh, and it’s a complete coincidence that my trip coincided with this summer being dedicated to re-watching Gilmore Girls from the pilot and listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast in tandem. Though I will admit to buying an inordinate amount of Yale paraphernalia and saying cooper boom to people who had no idea what I was talking about.

Also, did you know that Rory’s time at Yale? Wasn’t even filmed at Yale.

P.S. Now I’m curious. Did any of you actually attend an Ivy League school? Or are we all state school alumni?

3 thoughts on “I went to Yale. Kinda.

  1. State school here, but college campuses – especially old ones – are so beautiful and fun to walk around to me. I still love walking around UT when I get the chance. My kids are less thrilled about this.

  2. The pics you got are great, and I’m a big Gilmore Girls fan too.

    I didn’t attend the fancy Yale or Harvard; but I did attend #14 ranked Washington University as an undergrad. I visited during a high school field trip and fell in love with the campus, though I didn’t have any clue how hard it was to get in. I was a good student; but worked even harder to make it happen; likely spurred on by my guidance counselor who told me I didn’t have a shot as I wasn’t Valedictorian…who does that? Oh, and by the way, the Valedictorian didn’t get in, I was the only student from my graduating class that did…BooYay!

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