Holiday Cocktails & Dessert Pairings #CleverDessert

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Do I have to choose? Why not both?!

Desserts and cocktails. Cocktails and desserts. (Remind you of someone?)

The perfect combination.

Especially during the holidays when nerves can be a bit frazzled from overcommitting to family, friends, and functions. I like to pick a signature cocktail for each holiday season and I’m currently mulling over this year’s options based on the dessert menu. Last year we enjoyed spiked sparkling cider made with apple juice, Prosecco, and Goldschlager. This year I’m thinking of going with a warm cocktail, since it seems a bit more festive; maybe a peppermint patty or hot buttered rum?

Here are some dessert and cocktail pairing ideas that I came across while deciding on this year’s signature holiday cocktail…

  • Pumpkin Pie – Cocktail pairings shouldn’t complete with the spices in the pie, so try something mellow like coffee with a touch of vanilla liqueur. A sweet stout also pairs well.
  • Chocolate cakes, pies, mouses, and more – Pop open the bubbly! The effervescence of champagne is a pallet cleanser between bites of rich chocolate desserts.
  • Apple Pie – Be a bit bolder and pair the crispness of an apple pie with maple and oak flavors. Can be served warm or cold; the pie and the cocktail.
  • Gingerbread – Get wild and crazy. Gingerbread pairs well with fruit cocktails like apple and cranberry and with rich flavored coffees, cocoas, and eggnog.
  • Sugar Cookies – The perfect compliment to this year’s signature cocktail, (drum roll please…) the peppermint patty.

The peppermint patty is the obvious choice since it’s a match made in heaven for so many deserts. We just can’t afford to limit ourselves around the holidays.

Do you have a signature holiday cocktail or dessert? What’s your favorite pairing?

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