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Heritage Ranch by H-E-B

This post is brought to you by the lovely people at H-E-B. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make this blog possible.

I love my local H-E-B. They stock great wine, produce, and organics and I rarely walk out without a rotisserie chicken and a bouquet of fresh flowers. If you can resist the aroma of that chicken, we probably don’t have a lot in common.

And now my dog has a reason to love H-E-B, too.

HEB Heritage Ranch Dog Food and Treats

The newly launched Heritage Ranch by H-E-B is a line of premium dog food that starts with real meat and no artificial flavors or colors. When H-E-B asked if Ollie would like to try some Heritage Ranch products, I immediately took a closer look at the ingredients and was pleased to find that not only was there a selection of flavors, but every flavor…

  • Has Real Meat as the #1 ingredient
  • Contains no artificial colors or flavors
  • No corn, soy, or wheat
  • Available for all ages, and stages of life
  • Grain‑free options for balanced nutrition
  • Produced in the USA

Dachshund Eating Heritage Ranch Dog Food

Ollie didn’t hesitate to dig right in and was happy to run though his repertoire of tricks (spin-sit-lay-side-roll) for the adorably heart-shaped baked apple dog snacks.

He also wasn’t above straight up stealing some, either.

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On top of all that, H-E-B is donating 1% of the sales of the new H-E-B Heritage Ranch dog food to local animal shelters, including Austin Humane Society. I love that when I can keep Ollie happy and healthy and help other pups in the community.

Pick up some Heritage Ranch the next time you’re in H-E-B and let me know how your dog likes it!

5 thoughts on “Heritage Ranch by H-E-B

  1. we are also trying this food.
    My poodle came to me after being attacked by a pitt bull and losing eye.
    His good eye has a lot of porforin drainage and so gets stained and i have been told that sometimes a better food … esp without colors added might help.

    so far no help with the staining… but he likes the kibble and canned food.

    i want to get him on just kibble but he was accustomed to canned gravy train when i got him so we are taking slow steps and he gets a spoonful of wet food with his kibble and it is going well.

    he definitely did not like the salmon and sweet potato canned food… But the others he likes fine.

    so i recommend this food and i hope it helps his eye strains and allergies.

    oh… He has already stopped chewing on his feet!

    dianna and booboo

  2. I just bought the Heritage Ranch Chicken Chickpea for my two little dogs. They’ve been so picky, I’ve had a hard time finding something they like and will eat and I had about given up and was going back to cooking their food myself (which I was really tired of doing). No corn or grains and has Omega 3 and 6. The bites are small so they will work for any sized dog. Anyway, they loved the food, ate it right away with no hesitation. I’M SO HAPPY.

  3. So, I recently switched our Golden Retriever to Heritage Ranch Turkey & Brown Rice. The reason for the switch is because she was getting very gassy from her other brand and appeared to be constipated at times. In addition, Sugars coat begain to lack luster and shedding was beyond belief. Her other brand is a 5 Star product. After researching and learning HEB carried (discontinued) a 5 Star canned food, thought that since Heritage Ranch was too new for reviews and Star rating that I’d give it a try. Glad I Did! Within days stool was normal health looking, weeks coat shined, breath was better and the slight odor I began to notice was gone. Being the mom of a Golden Retriever means hair everywhere! What excited me the most was her shedding improved! How could I tell, only had to sweep house 3 times in a week instead of daily. All in all I’m impressed. Haven’t tried treats just because I usually don’t do that. After reviews, think we will.

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