Health, Wealth, and Happiness — Resolutions 2014

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Happy New Year! Did you celebrate in style last night or barely make it till midnight? I think I sneaked a peek at the ball dropping, but I could have been dreaming.

Now that it’s 2014, the big question is “what’s your new year’s resolution?” Did you take some time to reflect on the year past and plan for the year ahead? Every year I go back and forth on the idea of resolutions. Are they motivating and aspirational? Or are they soul crushing and destine for failure? Probably a little bit of both, so this year I decided to focus on three things: health, wealth, and happiness. What more is there?

  • Health: I’m committing to going to Pure Barre classes twice a week. It’s rare that I enjoy exercise, so I stocked up on discount classes and DVDs over the holidays and am recruiting friends to join me. I don’t have any weight-loss goals in mind — because I think that’s a decidedly unhealthy thing to focus on for an entire year — I just know I feel better after a class.
  • Wealth: I’m budgeting to pay off all three remaining credit cards. I’d tell you how much that is, but it’s kind of embarrassing. The past few years have been tight financially, and I’m looking forward to having that burden lifted and saving for some big bucket-list type goals.
  • Happiness: Theoretically, health and wealth should lead to my own happiness, but I also want to bring some happiness to others. I splurged on some pretty note cards and Starbucks gift cards so I can reach out to someone special once a week to thank them, encourage them, or just reconnect. I hope it makes someone’s day.

 So now it’s your turn. What’s your new year’s resolution?

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    I’m not making a real resolution this year. Normally I do a word of the year, but I always forgot the word by like April. So this year, I’m doing a question. And the question for 2014 is “does it really matter?” I am hoping this will help me let go of the small/petty/superficial crap I obsess over, and focus on the things that really matter to me. Oh, and I resolve to sleep until like 10am everyday……
    Cathy Benavides´s last awesome blog post…Favorite Blogs of 2013

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    I’ve been thinking about this for hours since pulling up your blog and really, I don’t have a resolution. I mean, I already run so I can’t resolve to have better fitness. I don’t want to eat healthier because I really like junky food. I read 189 books last year which is freaking ridiculous, so I shouldn’t resolve to read more books. Obviously I want to be a better mom and wife, but that’s pretty cliche and lame so I’m not making that my resolution.
    Then! I remembered that a few years ago, I drank a lot of champagne and it seemed like a pretty happy time in my life. So, my resolution is to drink more sparkling beverages. I kicked it off by cracking open a bottle of raspberry spumante that I’ve had behind our bar for months, which is why this comment is so wordy. Anyway, I think it’s a pretty good resolution, probably one that more people should make.
    Erin´s last awesome blog post…What I Read Wednesday

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    I truly have to get fit. We moved away from my favorite yoga studio (just about the only way I like working out). I have to get moving & lay off the drive-thru lunches/dinners.
    Tara´s last awesome blog post…Warrior Mama

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    I have yet to find any kind of exercise that I like but I know getting more active is something I really need to do. I will have to check out the Pure Barre stuff…not familiar with it. Several years ago we had three credit cards that were maxed out…YIKES! It IS the worst and most shameful feeling in the world. We managed to pay them all off and have been WITHOUT any credit cards since. It feels great! (Although I do think we probably should have a credit card for emergencies). Happy New Year!
    Kari´s last awesome blog post…Happy 2014 and 10 Things I Fiercely Believe In

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