Guest-Ready Bathroom Makeover Tips

I live in a one-bedroom one-bathroom apartment. Which is perfect for me and my little wiener dog, but can be a tiny bit cramped when guests come to town. And living in the awesome city of Austin, guests are always in town. Since everyone shares the same bathroom, I like to spruce things up (and give it a thorough scrub-down, because Lord knows keeping the bathroom clean isn’t one of my strong suits) before visitors arrive.

Here are some of my tips to make your bathroom guest-ready…

Clean up the Clutter

The first step to any makeover is to clean up the clutter, especially in a small space like a bathroom. Get rid of what you don’t use and what you don’t want your guests to see (that means hide the plunger).

Since my bathroom connects my bedroom and closet, it tends to turn into one big messy dressing room and my accessories start to get out of control. I’ve found some really simple solutions (we’re talking dollar-store solutions, here) to keeping all my baubles tangle-free and presentable. An inexpensive mug rack makes a great necklace hanger and a paper towel holder keeps bracelets stacked and orderly.

Change the Linens

What’s one of the first things people do when they visit a nice hotel? They check the bathroom towels. Guests love clean fluffy towels. Changing out the linens is a cheap and easy way to give your bathroom a whole new look (and bonus for getting to enjoy those fancy new towels once your guests leave). Discount stores usually have matching towels, shower curtains, and even rugs that you can pick up for a steal. Just make sure your guests don’t leave with your new towels.

Swap Out Accessories

You don’t have to buy all new accessories to make your bathroom feel like new. Try swapping out accessories from other rooms of your house. A candle from the living room, a vase from the bedroom, a photo from the hallway. Just changing things around can make a space feel totally different.

Add Fresh Flowers

One of my favorite indulgences, whether I have guests or not, is a fresh bouquet of flowers in the bathroom. Since my bathroom doesn’t have any windows, it brings a little of the outside in and makes the space feel fresh. Just think of all the time you spend in the bathroom doing your hair and putting on makeup every day? Make it feel special.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

This one is a little difficult since I’m a renter, but if you’re feeling ho-hum about your bathroom and are able to make a more permanent change, try adding a fresh coat of paint! It doesn’t take much time or paint and will make the room feel fresh and clean and newly renovated. Take a chance and try a funky new color or keep it spa-like with calm neutrals.

So, what do you do to prepare for guests? Is the bathroom the focus of your preparations?

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