Ciao, Snaps

Goodbye November

Soooooo, I ended up taking an unplanned blogging hiatus that I didn’t even realize I needed for most of November. (Thank you for sticking around). During that time, I expanded my repertoire of feet and dog photos, spent a week in Tulum, decided that I need to give Whole30 a go (have you seen Mandy?), and started mentally planning some big things (I’ll let you know when I actually decide to do something about those big things).

November has indeed turned into my favorite month.

What have you been up to all month?

Oh Hey November Feet Oh Hey November Random Oh Hey November Tulum

The llama love is real // the green boots are mine // Ugg love
torrential rains // barre // begger
techno tights // that time I chopped 10 inches of hair // coconuts
octopus // secret admirer (not really) // thug life
ready for snow // Freshly Picked // howlin’
the after shot // I woke up like dis // #blessed
sunrise // Mom & Dad // happy dog
beach mutt // crabby // cocktails
sisters // cabana // Coqui Coqui

2 thoughts on “Goodbye November

  1. Glad you’re back to blogging and happy to see you had a wonderful November. Loving those green boots and your new ‘do!

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