Five Favorite: Blogging Apps

5 Favorite Blogging Apps

How many of you are bloggers? I’ve been thinking a lot about the business of blogging lately and don’t want to get too meta by blogging about blogging if no one is interested. You’re interested, right? Because while I am convinced most of us are bloggers by now, I think you’ll find these apps fun and useful even if you aren’t a blogger.

I’m not one of those bloggers who can blog on the go. I need quiet and concentration and snacks. But that doesn’t mean apps aren’t integral to my blogging process. I use them to stay social, edit photos, and generally get things done.

So which I do I use most often? Here are my five favorite blogging apps:

  1. Wunderlist — Though my life revolves around my (paper) editorial calendar (pray there’s not a strong wind or a fire), Wunderlist is my to-do list and reminder service all-in-one. It syncs between devices, has an easy-to-learn interface, and offers just enough bells and whistles to enhance my productivity without being overwhelming. I love it so much that I subscribe to the paid version for a few extra perks that make my type-A heart sing (like sorting!).
  2. Afterlight  — My photo editor of choice is Afterlight. I’m no shutterbug, but I love the filters and flexibility and it’s just one-click to crop for Instagram and create share-worthy photos.
  3. Over — Over allows me to add text and artwork to photos and share just about anywhere. I customize the vast majority of my featured photos using Over (like the one in this post!) and it’s served me well for over a year.
  4. Feedly — I used to bookmark all the blogs I love and open every single tab each morning. Then I discovered Feedly which allows me to keep up with all the bloggers I love in one place and easily share their posts on Pinterest and Twitter. Both the app and web version are fantastic.
  5. Pinterest — I’ve been dedicating a lot of energy to my Pinterest strategy lately (more on that in an upcoming post!) and I’ve found the Pinterest app infinitely faster and more user friendly than the web version. Thanks to the app, I can browse and pin quickly whenever I have a few minutes to spare so that maintaining my account isn’t such a time-suck.

Are there any apps that you love? Tell me about ’em!

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