Fish Pedicures

fish pedicures

There is nothing like a pedicure to relax and enjoy some me-time, but I draw the line at fish pedicures.

A spa in Washington DC charges customers up to $50 to soak their feet in warm water tanks with as many as 100 “doctor fish” that nibble away dead skin. Customers then receive a normal pedicure, with the fish taking the place of the razor typically used to remove dead skin.

The fish don’t have any teeth, so they can only nibble at the dead skin, but I still say give me the cheese grater any day. Having 100 fish swarm my feet does not sound like a relaxing treatment to me.

What do you think? Would you (have you?) tried it?

22 thoughts on “Fish Pedicures

  1. Andrew – that’s why I said “up to $50.” And there’s nothing I can do about dust mites in my bed, but I sure as hell can avoid putting my feet in a tank of flesh eating carp.

  2. Elizabeth – I’m with you. I’m even more grossed out when I think that the same fish dine on several people’s flesh each day!

  3. Laurie – I love pedicures almost as much as you do, so I know when you give it the thumbs down, it’s not a good idea. 🙂

  4. Believe it or not, I first heard about this “procedure” on CNBC’s Fast Money (Pops and Drops segment)! The five member panel was equally grossed out, as was I.

  5. Mel – the health department made the spa upgrade from one communal fish pool to individual fish pools so that the water can be changed between clients. The fish still has bits of other people’s skin in its stomach if you ask me, which can’t be sanitary.

  6. Funny to read about this on another blog today. I was thinking about this today. Ages ago I read about these fish who nibble off the dead skin from people’s feet. There was a place in Japan which had the fish who did this. Today I was thinking that it would be a good business for someone to bring those fish here and start it up as a business. I would go! I’ve never had a pedicure I didn’t do myself. The fish sound like a great idea to me. I’d go if it came here.

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