Fall is in the air…


I was giddy when I stepped outside early this morning, because it was cool and clear; just like fall should be.

Fall is by far my favorite season. Time for jeans and sweaters, but not winter coats and boots. Apple orchards and pumpkin patches open for business and there are few brief weeks to enjoy the cool weather before Christmas decorations start to appear.

What’s your favorite season?

8 thoughts on “Fall is in the air…

  1. Autumn—-fall— so much so that I could give up half of summer and half of winter and have an extra long fall and maybe a little longer spring.
    I love the weinie in the sweater. How do you get him/her to keep it on? Mine struggle to get them put on and worm out of them before we hit the door.
    My hubby is thinking about getting a puppy! Can you believe it? As if 9 is not enough! I will publish some new dog pics soon!

  2. Linda – Ollie loves to wear jackets and sweaters in the winter. He’s only 11 pounds, so they are a necessity in the Chicago winters!

  3. Flit – I’m so ready for fall! This summer wasn’t even that bad, and I’m ready for cooler temperatures and clearer skies!

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