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I have an exceptionally good memory.

Like an elephant.

I remember what I was wearing at pivotal events in my life (pink carpis, white embroidered tank top), the last names of college friends I haven’t spoken to since graduation (Skyniarz, Matthews, Hamilton), and how to get to someone’s house I only visited once (left at the dry cleaner, fourth house on the right, green shutters).

But for the life of me, I cannot figure out why my hair ever looked like this. Or why I ever let anyone (presumably my nutty and very persuasive college roommate, Stacie) photograph me with that zit on my chin. Was it a particularly boring Saturday night? Did I lose a bet? Was I drunk on Arbor Mist? Did I willingly let someone do this to me (ahem Stacie)?

The world may never know.

January 2001

If you are in possession of an embarrassing photo of me, please don’t destroy it! Send me an email so I can share it with the world. If you have an embarrassing photo of yourself that you’d like to share, email it to me with your URL and I’ll include it in next week’s embarrassing photo post with a link back to your blog.

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