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    • Corrin says

      That is HEAVY. I didn’t see Rent until the movie came out and honestly? I don’t get it. Maybe you should explain it to me. Over margaritas.

    • Corrin says

      Lands End is seriously THE ONLY place I will buy swimsuits. I’m between sizes, but I usually opt for the plus size because the boob support is that much better.

  1. Brit says

    I made my own glitter case. I bought a cheap clear case and dumped the better part of a bottle of Essie “Set in Stones” into it. Let it dry overnight and it’s been amazing for 3-ish months now – and no scratches from the glitter. Triple bonus.

  2. crazyassmomma says

    still cant believe i spent $90 at lands end bc of your post. LOL.
    should have my new suit in a day or so.
    hoping i love it as much as i did the one i got from there when i was thinner.


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