Don’t Call Them Ghosts

I’m reading Don’t Call Them Ghosts about a family that moves into an old home that is “haunted” by the spirits of three young children. I hesitate to call the home haunted because the family’s interactions with the spirits are actually quite endearing and the word haunted doesn’t conger up happy images.

After reading about 100 pages the other night, I went to bed and had a dream that my husband and I moved and friends and family where there on moving day to help. What I remembered when I woke up was that my Nana rolled up in her big full-size van, didn’t talk, and stayed in the background observing everything.

My Nana died two years ago of oral cancer and since then she’s been in my dreams several times. Always this time of year (my birthday is in March and hers was in April and she died in March), never a peep out of her, and always in the background taking everything in.

My sister says she’s had similar dreams and we’re both pretty much convinced that it is Nana checking in. After she passed away, I mentioned that she was welcome to visit me, so maybe she took me up on the offer? I’m okay with the dreams, they don’t scare me or leave me feeling uneasy. When she starts standing at the foot of the bed, then we might have to have a discussion.

Do you believe in spirits? Have you ever been visited? Is there any rhyme or reason to the visits?

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  1. hey there. I read this book a year ago and Im on the hunt for it! i should have just went and bought it (i read the whole book at hastings in MT in 3 visits LOL)now, the book is out of my reach and I really want to read it again. I enjoyed it very much and I cried at times for the ghosts and I agree with the title she gave the book! I wouldnt want to call those children ghosts either.

    Im native american from Montana and I currently reside here in riverview, florida and YES. Yes I do believe in spirits. Its not that i have to, I do. I’ve seen a close friend up until I moved away from my childhood town (Helena, MT) and my mom passed in Feb 2005 (we buried here March 3, my dad’s bday and mine is March 10) we see her, we hear her, and when she passed my sisters (I have 4) and my brothers (I have 2) we all dreamt of her. Dressed up, her hair combed back the way she used to do when she was here when she’d be going out, and her perfume, and that smile on her face. she stood there smiling, her big wide, excited smile. then she turns and grabs her purse (bag) and walks out of sight, quickly like she is in a hurry.
    I freaked out at first but after thinking about that dream, and thinking of her smile and her mannerisms in the dream, its exactly how she would act when she was here and we are dropping her off or she is dropping US off, the ‘farewell’ isnt forever. more like.. ‘I’ll be back’ or ‘See you later’.
    We all had that same dream. withing a few days of each other but we all seen her.

    I do believe in spirits. all of them.

    1. Tara – Join PaperBackSwap if you’re still looking for this book. They usually have it in stock and I received my copy within a few days of ordering.

  2. I have also read this book. It gives me chills. The good kind of chills. I had a very close friend pass in a horrible car accident ten years ago and I have had dreams about her. I have felt guilty for years because I missed out on a couple of opportunities to hang out with her before the accident occured. I am always crying and apologizing in my dreams, and she always has that warm smile on her face. It is moments like that make me really think that there is a difference between spirits and ghosts. I had another friend who died from a drug overdose, and a few days after his passing, my cell phone had called his number, or I had a missed call from him. It was very strange. I have also had strange uncomfortable occurences with something “unknown”. Either way, there is definitely some kind of afterlife for all of us. I have a lot of stories of this nature. I am a believer.

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